A 10-day Social Media Marketing course for women


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Why care about Social Media?

Overview on Digital Marketing and Social Media

Present  Trends and Facts about Social Media

Social Media Success Stories in Indian and International Business

About the course:

The course targets the female fraternity who are keen towards digging more about the social media world. The 10-day course imparts a constructive basic knowledge of various social media channels and how you can incorporate them in your start-up venture. The course is deliberately kept short run to save the time of women, who are otherwise involved and busy in daily schedules at home, college or office. After completing the course, we provide you a free of cost chance to sell your products or services on social media and kick start your start-up journey.

Why join?

  • The course will pay heed to make the women digitally aware, especially about the fruitful use of social media.
  • You may be an avid social media user, however, making money online is an art and this course teaches you the same.
  • Digitally empowering women from different backgrounds – college going, working from home, small scale entrepreneurs and working professionals.
  • The course will ensure fulfillment of the digital needs of women who desire to work from home on various social media projects.
  • Learn about digital strategies and fundraising for a wide array of activities.
  • Enhance your power brainstorming by sharing your creative ideas with our team.
  • Well learned and experienced faculty available to bring out the best in you with their needs-based approach towards each joinee.
  • In the end, the course will acknowledge your needs of social media presence with exclusive offers.

What all the course offers?

  • Get social

Learn thoroughly about Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

  • Promising career options

Learn about blogging from home and how to undertake digital projects.

–   Start your own

Share your ideas, get them validated and start your own business.

  • Raise funds online

Acquaint yourself with facts around crowd funding, boot strapping, and seed funding.

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    • Why care about Social Media?
    • Creating Facebook Marketing Strategy
    • Demystifying Community Building on Facebook
    • Twitter: The Jewel in the Social Media Crown
    • Creating Twitter Marketing Strategy
    • Leveraging LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation
    • Discussion on other Social Media Channels
    • Measuring ROI of Social Media
    • Planning & Creating Multi-channel Social Media Strategy
    • Content and Graphics creation