Importance Of Digital Marketing For A Startup

Importance Of Digital Marketing For A Startup
The right combination of marketing and digital marketing strategy perfectly aligned with your startup can help you scale the heights you desire. The previous year was one of the biggest years for the Indian Startup dreams. With the launch of government initiatives like Make in India, Startup India and many others, the startup environment has got a kick start it longed for.
This is the best time for any startup to establish themselves as a major player in the market. Digital marketing is a tool that would surely help your startup to stand out from the rest.
Startups are characterized by a constraint in terms of budget and manpower. They ought to utilize the skills and money available to them in the best possible way. Digital marketing training from expert in Lucknow will help your manpower to utilize the marketing platform effectively.
There is a reason why every startup relies on behind digital marketing. Let us have a look at various advantages of digital marketing for a startup.
• It is a low cost marketing tool
A traditional marketing technique would involve hiring hefty superstars to promote your product. Whereas, digital marketing requires brains and innovation to be appealing to the customers. It caters to a very different set of audience who are educated and will surely not fall prey to just any advertisement they see. Startups can truly leverage this opportunity to bring out their services to the people.
• It has a wider and targeted reach
With so much big data available today on the internet, one can easily predict the behaviour and internet usage pattern of any individual. This can be used to target your advertisements to a specific set of people making digital marketing an effective tool in terms of audience reach. Experts like Punit Jaiswal digital marketing agency can help you achieve your marketing goals.
• You can measure the impact of your marketing campaign
Due to the presence of various data analytics tool, you can accurately monitor the progress made by your digital marketing campaign. Moreover, you can use the data to channel the marketing in a better way to maximize its impact.
• Feedback Opportunity
Digital marketing provides startups with a unique opportunity of a two way communication. You can include surveys and other types of inquiries in your marketing techniques thus enabling a startup with precious information about their customer’s mind. You can then shape your business to cater the needs identified in the campaign.
You can take leverage of certified digital marketing course in Lucknow to learn the concepts of digital marketing to give your startup a boost. In this highly competitive world of startups, such training will give your marketing team the skills to be the best.
Does digital marketing actually work for startups?
The simple answer is YES, it does! One can see the previous record of many startups like Flipkart and Myntra, where digital marketing helped them to get into the elite unicorn club, crossing an annual turnover of more than 1 billion USD.
The startup training programs undertaken by their employees played an essential role in their success. According to the State of digital marketing survey report, a whopping 81% of the businesses which engaged in digital marketing were able to achieve their targets on time. An average website saw an 81% increase in the total website visits and 70% increase in their strike rate.
The marketing landscape has changed over the time and is a continuously evolving phenomenon. Digital marketing has changed the way people market their products today. To be at the top of the business ladder, one not only needs an efficient digital marketing team, but one should also train them to keep them appraised of the changing landscapes.

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